Logbook, damn logbook

Hi everyone !

I’ve been posting on this Website since a long time ago and i’m sorry about that. However, i continue working on our cool project of a 12*12*12 RGB Leds Cube.

We work a lot as a team with Coralie, Victor and Fred ! I ‘ve learned to quit my job late but the project is growing 🙂


What can we do now ?

  • We can make animations on the flash memory
  • We can make animations on the beagleboard (actually a PC but the portability will don’t be very difficult I think)
  • We are using double buffering

A lot of work have been made debugging some code after problems that we haven’t thought before.

Now we will work a lot on sensors. Because, now we have a ‘casual’ cube. I mean that we have the level of a lot of cube on the net. And sensors will be our ‘key feature’, the reason that makes roled not only a school project but a cool project.

If anyone wants to ask question about the project or give some pieces of advice about future possible applications please contact us 🙂

Next week, you will have more infos on ore website.





Thibaut Collette

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