Last lap.

Last week, last breath, last run… During the last week-end and the last day of the project, the groups managed to implement several key feature.

First of all, our display function is very complete, it contains double buffering, it does not blink at all, it is kind of “plug and play” with a USB connection with a PC. We have also implemented a gif reader script on the pc side.

On a second hand, we worked a lot on the interaction with the cube. Coralie and I build a grid that contains small PCB (now we have 12 PCB, of 3 different kinds). So we have one grid a presence detection of each side of the cube. Unfortunately, the I2C connection does not works now… Few days left. The other half of the group worked on the kinect. They detect if a hand is near or far of the cube, and so they can control the luminosity of the cube. Now they want to detect if your hand is at the right the left the top or the bottom, and so we control a snake (that will be a great game!!!).

Frederic Wylomanski

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