[HARP] Because one screen is too mainstream !

Today we succeeded to display 4 screen. We also did some images, hologram and animated hologram.

Here is a video of a 4 screen animated gif :

[HARP] What about kernel ?

Today we did a great achievment !

Our work on a kernel module has been a success. Paulin and Pierre did the main part of the code to implement in the kernel, and today I helped them to debug the last problems.

So now the kernel module work and the gpio clk is faster.

There is a result (with the video it’s difficult to see the difference) :


[HARP] A PLL and some new gifs ?

Today I worked on 2 main things :

I tried to use a program called autohotkey, to create some gifs (usable with our project) from 3D images 16*16*16 voxels on the site qblock. The program worked, but too slowly…

I keep searching another way to create these gifs.

I also worked on a part of a kernel module created by Paulin. I had to create a PLL from an interrupt source. We want to keep a good speed measure even if we miss one or more interrupts from the hall sensor.

Tomorrow I keep working on it.

[HARP] New videos

Today with my team, we fixed the last led matrix problem. They were two problems :

First, two wires in the PCB were connected together.

Second, we had a bad datasheet about the gumstix, the GPIO0_WAKEUP wasn’t the good GPIO to control the latch of the led driver. The good one was GPIO31_WAKEUP.

Here are two videos with all of the four led matrix working :

[HARP] It’s beautiful

Today, we had some results. Since yesterday, we’re working to set the pcb on the mechanic structure.

In the same time we had some result with the configuration of the GPIO’s, we succeeded in lighting some leds !

So both together look great  !!


[HARP] Some news

This week I worked on many things :

With Pierre, we worked on the mechanic, we had to find some information to help Mr. Croullebois (the person who helps us on the mechanic).

With Paulin, we worked on the motor control we have a program to test on the motor.

I also helped Alexis to solder the PCB here are some pictures of it :



I worked on the gumstix with Paulin and Pierre. I succeeded to write on some registers to put a GPIO as output and change the value of it.

Some troubles with the motor.

During this week-end, Pierre and me, tried to make the motor work at the good speed.

Alexis found an extension system to configure easily the motor. But with this we tried to do all of these configurations work. But instead of improve it, we just had some troubles.

The motor could work only at one speed, even we changed the PWM value.

I finally found a way to let the motor work at the good speed, but it’s not easy. So we have to work on it tomorrow.

By the way, here is a picture of our working area :


[HARP] New version of our PCB

Yesterday, I just finished the second version of our PCB with all of Alexis’ remarks. I had to replace most of the components. That’s why that took me too much time.

Now we’re waiting for a new check from Alexis.

Today we had a meeting with my group and we just made a point with the work we have to do.

I will work on the motors to see how to control the rotation speed. I will start to this tomorrow because I was a little bit busy today.

[HARP] Some progress

Today, was an entire day working on our project HARP .

For the mechanic we have some update with the differents way to build HARP. Here are two pictures :


May we will hide the motor because of its size !


For the PCB there are also some updates. We finished the schematics and also the routing part. Here is the routing part :



This part need to be checked by our professors.


[HARP] Starting schematic and new Mecanic


Some progress have been made. We started the schematic for our PCB :

Power supply have been connected. For that, we have read some datasheet to find which value of capacitor and resistance we had to chose.

We started to connect the led driver and the gumstix.

And I also did  a new solidwork assembly with the new architecture. Here are some pictures.