Last lap.

Last week, last breath, last run… During the last week-end and the last day of the project, the groups managed to implement several key feature.

First of all, our display function is very complete, it contains double buffering, it does not blink at all, it is kind of “plug and play” with a USB connection with a PC. We have also implemented a gif reader script on the pc side.

On a second hand, we worked a lot on the interaction with the cube. Coralie and I build a grid that contains small PCB (now we have 12 PCB, of 3 different kinds). So we have one grid a presence detection of each side of the cube. Unfortunately, the I2C connection does not works now… Few days left. The other half of the group worked on the kinect. They detect if a hand is near or far of the cube, and so they can control the luminosity of the cube. Now they want to detect if your hand is at the right the left the top or the bottom, and so we control a snake (that will be a great game!!!).

An animated cube!

Last week, we finished our cube!Soldering the last parts of it was not a simple job at all! But it is done, it is big, it is perfect!

Now, we worked on some functionnality for the cube, like reading gif images, and we focus a lot on our presence captors… Our last challenge! (or not…)


Construction part III

The end of the week have been dedicated to the communication between a PC and the stm32. So now, we are able to light the led we want in he colour we want (but we have only two led right now…)

So the objectivs of the week-end is clear and  simple, “Build our cube”!

In fact, we have received our PCB yesterday, so now it is our turn. And it have started earlier this morning by painting the base of the cube.

But excuse me, the second layer of painting is waiting for me…

A cube 1x1x1 !

Two objectives has been completed during this week-end.
Firstly, we manage to flash a code on our STM32 and we manage to make the led of the PCB blink.
On a second hand, we manage to use the led driver and to control a LED directly branched onto a driver. We can make it blink, choose the intensity and choose the color.
The objective for the next days are simple: finish the cube (we are waiting for our last PCBs), and display an image!
PS: Thibaut have managed to make the stm32 and the beagle board communicate via USB.


Good news of the day: we have 12 plates of 144 LED. So now, we just wait for our pcb and we will be able to solder the plate together and so to finish the construction of the cube!
Because we advance a lot with the soldering part, I have been able to work on some code. I have worked on the scheduling of the display thread on the STM32. In order to change the state of the driver at the good frequency, I aim to use a virtual timer. And tonight, I managed to use virtual timer to schedule the blinking of a LED! So everything should be fine for the display thread…

One column after another one…

During the past few days, I have only one word to sumarize my work: solder. We are now soldering our 107th column of LED, 36 left…
We have also worked on the architecture of our programm. And we are pretty clear about that. So now i can begin to code my part: the display thread on the stm32!

End of PCB

During this long weekend, many advancement happenned in the project. The first part of the weekend was dedicated to our PCB. For me it was mainly creating our electric scheme and modifying it. And the good thing is that our pcb is now validated and should be in our hands in a week or two.

The second part was dedicated to the definition of several things related to our display algorithm:
– definition of the exchange between the beagle board and the stm32
– choose the best format of data
– definition of an algorithm in order to pass from row data to data readable by our led driver, And then send these data to our driver via SPI bus.


During the past few day, we worked on several aspects of the project. Personally, I worked on two things:

– Coralie, Thibault and I have almost finished the electric scheme of the project. We have all our components, and Coralie is finishing the last connections.
– I continue working on some animation to display on the cube (I am now trying to diplay “Roled!”), and I am on the very beginning of the code which will run on the STM32 (which is in charge of the display!)

Make it rain!

Today, I spent my day generating animation and creating a cube simulator on Matlab. In order to do that, i had first to define a format for the file. Then, I created a file reader and a simulator on Matlab which use the plot3d option of Matlab to generate the cube. And the I created a small c++ program which generate rain for our cube!


I am now focusing on the electric schem of the project. I have spent the day working on the allocation of the mcu’s pins.
The other really good news is that Thibaut and Victor manage to test the debit of the usb port of the stm32F4. The results are good so we will be able to send the images in real-time to the cube!