Well, since we give the project. I’ve been occupied to organized some surprise, I hope you’ll enjoy this…

Tomorrow…. 😉

Hello Twitter

Hello awake people,

Last night,we made some final upgrading to the jungle protocol. Sacha and Patrick succeed to upgrade significantly the synchronisation time, of one message.

We also succeed to made our first tweets, from a WaDeD (follow @_WaDeD).

I mainly work on the presentation for this afternoon.

WaDeD it!

Yeah we did it!

Last night, 4 WaDeD has sync their messages, using the WaDeD PCB,  so the SX1231. It’s a relief, to see the basic but nonetheless complex, concept of the project working correctly.

For now on, we sync messages using the WaDeD protocol. The usb interface is ready, to be tested. But we are facing, ram overflow. The tree is currently in the ram, and takes too much place, for now some cleaning is currently being done.

Well I guess it’s all.

And follow on twitter @_WaDeD 😉



Sending large messages

For two days, I worked on sending large messages with the SX1231, after a very annoying detail that have make me lost a lot of time I finally succeed.

Now, I work on using EXT events on the DIOs,

Then I will work on the CSMA for the Radio communications.

WaDeD’s first word

On behalf on the whole WaDeD group:

I’m pleased to announce you that with the effort of Dr Samuel Tardieu, WaDeD have transmit and received his first words.

Capture du 2013-04-21 15:32:07

And this was not  without fears that They may never talk, or hear anything. For two days, we tried to do a simple communication, by setting only the radio frequency, and some other registers. But we only received one or two messages every 5 min at the best.

Then, we decide to set the SX1231, for dash7 radio messages. And we hastened to go check the range of our WaDeD.

The first results are impressive: 540m at sight, at least because the Vergniaud street turns after 500m, and then we’re no more at sight.

With the WizziMote, we had a range of 150m.

Capture du 2013-04-21 17:40:35

So it’s cool !


Finally, we have our boards. Since our project is not visual at all, and that the only thing you will really see of our work is the PCB, here is a lot a pictures.

SAMSUNG First time holding a WaDeD.

SAMSUNG It’s a small thing isn’t it?

photo Here’s them  with antenna. Is it a W? What it stands for? I wonder…

DCIM100GOPRO  WaDeD has a lot of friends, here is HARP.

DCIM100GOPRO Here’s 4 WaDeD sleeping on the mattress of LED of Roled.

DCIM100GOPRO And now they have been awake by ROSE Rolls, they’re going out….

DCIM100GOPRO But King WaDeD is watching. And say: “No, you will not go out, there’s a lot of danger outside”.

DCIM100GOPRO  And indeed. Here’s a picture of a psychopath that have captured 3 poor WaDeD.

DCIM100GOPRO  And here is another one who is eating one!!!!!!!

DCIM100GOPRO At least this one is nice with the WaDeD 🙂



DCIM100GOPRO  Stupid guy… You knew that WaDeD were tiny but powerfull!

DCIM100GOPRO Oh my god!! what are you doing?

DCIM100GOPRO  Anyway, there’s not only threats ! There’s friends of WaDeD too. Here’s the Roled team!

DCIM100GOPRO Here’s 4 WaDeD that disturb JB form working.

DCIM100GOPRO The same here, but this time WAMI board helps our WaDeD disturbing Issam.

DCIM100GOPRO   Well let’s play at where are the WaDeD among all the people a A406!

DCIM100GOPRO  And a splendid picture of the WaDeD team ! And whatever someone could have said earlier, they are nice guys!


[Serious mode] For the last two days, I prepared a file, with all the values of the registers of the SX1231, and the typical value.
ROSEly yours!


It’s alive !!

Finally, yesterday we received good news: The USB works despite the erratum.

So note for everyone that wants to use the USB on STM32L with ChibiOS, in your board.h set the USB pins in INPUT mode, not in alternate event if the USB is an alternate function.

Well lots of fears the day before yesterday, and lots of relieves yesterday. One last unknown point, will the SX1231 works? The PCB are almost soldered, I will set a test program, to get the version number of the SX1231 through SPI.

For the FRAM, I wrote a complete program test, with no surprises the FRAM read and write correctly on every addresses, and the sleep mode works fine.


I also had the description of the stateless synchronisation in the article “What is WaDeD” in the protocol section.

Hopes and desperations

This morning, the new PCB corrected has been sent in production.

All day, This morning I worked on communicating through serial on USB. But this was before the discovery of the cursed erratum concerning the ST32L. (Imagine tragic music). And then we realise that the intern pull-up was not functioning and that the PCB need a patch for this.

For now on, the USB still doesn’t work, but we have promising signs with the patch.

See you tomorrow

HaWaDeD Works

Before explaining the title, let’s summarised this week:

Monday, potatoes at the RAB.

Tuesday, potatoes at the RAB, and we have the PCB delivered.

Wednesday, potatoes at the RAB, and we realize that the mask is missing in order to solder the SX1231.

Thursday, potatoes at the RAB, and the mask send in emergency by PCB-Pool is not the good one, someone, somewhere has our.

Friday, the nice company, send nicely our mask. We can solder, but not today, there’s potatoes to eat at the RAB.

Saturday, potatoes at midi express because the RAB is closed, and we cannot solder the SX1231, because the PCB is wrong.

We have to do it again ! But at least there will be potatoes at the RAB.


Anyway, we have soldered a Half WaDeD, and it Works(so the title). At least the led.


Otherwise, we have a started to explicit the protocol, soon you will have a detailed article about it.


And I lied, all week I didn’t eat potatoes at the RAB, but on behalf of the work of several people who wanted to be the next student office. Big thanks for Abedgers and Exbedables that brought food directly in a406. And thanks for BEDzoum for putting Patrick Sebastien’s song in my head, all week long.

Using the wizzimote on TP board

Our first PCB might come tomorrow or the day after. We can already develop the program on the TP board, with the STM32F103. The transition to  STM32L might not be so complicated.

So I worked on using the WizziMotes with the STM32 board. I made a cable, and succeed to use it as we would have use a XBee… Almost… The AT mode does some weird things, but I’ll take a look or someone in my group will go on with my work. But still the transparent mode seems to work well, we’ll test soon to see what are its limits.

For the moment I go back to my night readings: the datasheet of the SX1231, and the lines of code from Opentag.

ROSEly yours !