Today I read Jeremy Hemmo’s report on ultrasounds. Jerey Hemmo is a Polytechnique Telecom student who has already worked on the project and obtained good results.

The report mentions a lot of specifications concerning the parameters, he used to generate and filtrate the ultrasounds. However I did not find the tweeter reference that we need to order them. I contacted Jeremy and shall get an answer within a week.


After a week-end off I gently started working.
On monday, Alexis Polti spent some time with me to upgrapde my ubuntu to the 12.10 version and provided my computer with some useful tools and a proper coding environment. I also took time to configure some parameters to fit my personnal tastes.

On tuesday, I read “LINUX Magazine /France hors série ajnvier février, Initiation embarqué et microcontroleurs”. There was a really interesting part concerning basic electrical properties which I had forgotten over the time.


Today I spent a wonderful day with friends!

Some of us even met before to achieve the very last preparations. We were joined at 8:30 AM by our teachers and the trip began!


We smiled,

we cried,

we shouted and felt desparate,

but also relieved as we ate,

we kept coding on and on,

and ended, when the day was gone.


PS: I swear to myself I will learn to master gdb before we go back to class.

report for D-64

Yesterday I worked on my STM32 practical. I managed to have the LCD screen working as well as the xbee module.

Let’s get started for the communication challenge !


I spent my day working on the STM32 board. I must admit I am a little bit concerned as the communication challenge is closing.

However, today I managed to have my PWM working and LED back light.


Much of my day was dedicated to the STM32 practicals. However I took time to contact Jeremy Hemmo, a polytechnic/telecom student who has already worked on the subject. We shall meet within a week or get in touch by telephone.


My whole day was dedicated to the STM32 board.
With the help of my teacher I finally managed to get the configuration right. Two of the major difficulties I encountered were :

  • not modifying the ChibiOS sources. I created my own folder for my project but there were a lot of adjustments to make concerning the different links towards the board and configuration files. However thanks to this, I am able to commit on github only my work and not all the ChibiOS sources with is handy.
  •  test.c bugs. To have a start base, I copied a demo folder containing some functions. And when compiling, the file test.c (used to check the equipment is allright) expects a special configuration which was different from mine.

I also did a little bit of reading concerning the threads and managed to handle the LEDs.

I can now have several of them blinking alternatively at a chosen frequency.


After the morning presentations, a delicious lunch, a short none the less restoring nap, I started working on my stm32 practical.
As I felt completely disarmed in front a such a huge project, I decided I would start by :

Then I figured I would re-read the important parts of the stm32 reference manual and take notes.
I am pretty concern with the practicals because I haven’t produced any code yet but it is my way of working : I always prefer to take time to fully understand the different tools before starting. Thus I can build my code on solid knowledges and earn some time avoiding basic mistakes.

Tomorow will be important to me because I expect to do an important break through in the practicals.


Today we met to discuss furthermore the PSSCs, and chose who is in charge for each of them. We also assigned them a critical deadline.

This task gave us the opportunity to learn and use Beamer (the tex package for making slides). We took models from tarik graba repository.


Yesterday I finished reading the linux tutorial I started to read friday.
I learnt stuffs concerning file transfer on the web which appear much more handy than sending files via email.

I will talk about the work done on WAMI in an other post.Finally, I would like to thank Issam who took some time to answer my general questions that helped me understand some features I had not catch and gave me an overview of the stm32 practicals.