Last night and preparation to our first presentation

Good morning, today is the day of our first presentation! This night we started again to work on the Kinect, and created our structure for the sensors.

Now we have even more PCB! Because our sensors on the cube have each one their own PCB. One sensor alone works well, but when we linked all of them together we can’t control them, we think it’s a hardware problem, it won’t be ready for today. For the Kinect we can detect the movement of a hand and change the luminosity of the cube according to the distance between the hand and the cube. Now let’ convince the public our project is worth living 🙂

[HARP] Because one screen is too mainstream !

Today we succeeded to display 4 screen. We also did some images, hologram and animated hologram.

Here is a video of a 4 screen animated gif :

RoseRolls is following an other one

We finally managed to make a RoseRolls follow an other one that was controlled by a smart-phone !

Videos will be posted soon !

WaDeD it!

Yeah we did it!

Last night, 4 WaDeD has sync their messages, using the WaDeD PCB,  so the SX1231. It’s a relief, to see the basic but nonetheless complex, concept of the project working correctly.

For now on, we sync messages using the WaDeD protocol. The usb interface is ready, to be tested. But we are facing, ram overflow. The tree is currently in the ram, and takes too much place, for now some cleaning is currently being done.

Well I guess it’s all.

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Hurray hurray!

A simple version of WaDeD with the jungle protocol is working for real!

Hurray hurray! Long life to WaDeD!

Now it’s beagleBoard time

We finished the work on the mainboard (at least we hope so), the frames are managed with double buffering, and the images come by USB. We can display images that we have created or .gif on our cube. Now we have to make the detectors talk with our beagleBoard.

On Friday evening (or more likely: night) we did our test of sensors on our big cube to find the proper values of resistors, our best results are with 40Mohm. Since Yesterday a tinyAVR can communicate with the stm32 and give him his values.

We made game to play with our cube.

Sleepy WaDeD

The WaDeD that won’t be connected to an other system (such as a computer) but only to a battery must use very little energy, so we need to make them sleep.
Today we made the WaDeD take its first nap and wake up from it =)

An animated cube!

Last week, we finished our cube!Soldering the last parts of it was not a simple job at all! But it is done, it is big, it is perfect!

Now, we worked on some functionnality for the cube, like reading gif images, and we focus a lot on our presence captors… Our last challenge! (or not…)


[HARP] PLL and kernel time!

Today we worked as a team on the PLL using the kernel time (nanoseconds). With the IR receiver we can measure the duration of a rotation and adapt the frame duration. It’s almost working except for a miscalculation on unsigned long. We’ll fix it tomorrow! One good news : the motor is very precise so we won’t need to adapt it while running the program.
See u la’er aliga’or

Logbook, damn logbook

Hi everyone !

I’ve been posting on this Website since a long time ago and i’m sorry about that. However, i continue working on our cool project of a 12*12*12 RGB Leds Cube.

We work a lot as a team with Coralie, Victor and Fred ! I ‘ve learned to quit my job late but the project is growing 🙂


What can we do now ?

  • We can make animations on the flash memory
  • We can make animations on the beagleboard (actually a PC but the portability will don’t be very difficult I think)
  • We are using double buffering

A lot of work have been made debugging some code after problems that we haven’t thought before.

Now we will work a lot on sensors. Because, now we have a ‘casual’ cube. I mean that we have the level of a lot of cube on the net. And sensors will be our ‘key feature’, the reason that makes roled not only a school project but a cool project.

If anyone wants to ask question about the project or give some pieces of advice about future possible applications please contact us 🙂

Next week, you will have more infos on ore website.