last two weeks

It’s been a wild ride. In the past 2 weeks we worked more than ever and had some sleepless nights to get to where we are now. Many tests with the proximity detector (unfortunately we decided to leave them in the end because, although they work, they are ugly and not very stable). The animations are progressing and we try to use all the cube’s potential. We came back to the kinect and we got some cool surprises to show you even though we didn’t get much time on it.

We are finishing the presentation and rehearsing it. Hope to see you all tomorrow.

The cube’s last moments…

Cube last moments

(I’m kidding of course, it’s perfectly fine ;-))

Last lap.

Last week, last breath, last run… During the last week-end and the last day of the project, the groups managed to implement several key feature.

First of all, our display function is very complete, it contains double buffering, it does not blink at all, it is kind of “plug and play” with a USB connection with a PC. We have also implemented a gif reader script on the pc side.

On a second hand, we worked a lot on the interaction with the cube. Coralie and I build a grid that contains small PCB (now we have 12 PCB, of 3 different kinds). So we have one grid a presence detection of each side of the cube. Unfortunately, the I2C connection does not works now… Few days left. The other half of the group worked on the kinect. They detect if a hand is near or far of the cube, and so they can control the luminosity of the cube. Now they want to detect if your hand is at the right the left the top or the bottom, and so we control a snake (that will be a great game!!!).

Last night and preparation to our first presentation

Good morning, today is the day of our first presentation! This night we started again to work on the Kinect, and created our structure for the sensors.

Now we have even more PCB! Because our sensors on the cube have each one their own PCB. One sensor alone works well, but when we linked all of them together we can’t control them, we think it’s a hardware problem, it won’t be ready for today. For the Kinect we can detect the movement of a hand and change the luminosity of the cube according to the distance between the hand and the cube. Now let’ convince the public our project is worth living 🙂

Now it’s beagleBoard time

We finished the work on the mainboard (at least we hope so), the frames are managed with double buffering, and the images come by USB. We can display images that we have created or .gif on our cube. Now we have to make the detectors talk with our beagleBoard.

On Friday evening (or more likely: night) we did our test of sensors on our big cube to find the proper values of resistors, our best results are with 40Mohm. Since Yesterday a tinyAVR can communicate with the stm32 and give him his values.

We made game to play with our cube.

An animated cube!

Last week, we finished our cube!Soldering the last parts of it was not a simple job at all! But it is done, it is big, it is perfect!

Now, we worked on some functionnality for the cube, like reading gif images, and we focus a lot on our presence captors… Our last challenge! (or not…)


Here it comes

Lately we finished soldering the cube ( also drill a new time the six pcb) and prepare all the software to welcome it. We spent the last two days trying to light on properly our cube, we had trouble with the timings, but now it’s ready.

Our cube is now all soldered, pcb are placed and we can display on it!  To prove it here is a little video, be patient for the images. Like other screens the images of our cube doesn’t look like what we see.

The cube is coming

After blood, toil, tears and sweat we have our 12x12x12 cube! We’ll post the photographs tomorrow, with some animations we hope.
We will be able to show it into 11days, on our presentation!

The base of the cube

Yesterday we bought wood for the base of our cube, it’s now all painted, we are ready to drill it (just wait the last paint go dry). Yesterday Alexis soldered our PCB  and we tested them this morning, there are a few mistakes to correct. It’s quite hard to solder a PCB done at school…

Our software is ready to display on the cube, we just need the screen!

Construction part III

The end of the week have been dedicated to the communication between a PC and the stm32. So now, we are able to light the led we want in he colour we want (but we have only two led right now…)

So the objectivs of the week-end is clear and  simple, “Build our cube”!

In fact, we have received our PCB yesterday, so now it is our turn. And it have started earlier this morning by painting the base of the cube.

But excuse me, the second layer of painting is waiting for me…