First Day for Drops N’ Roses

First Day.

I was looking forward to chosing my project.
Matthieu, Lauriane and me agreed at the very beginning that the wireless dead drops was a really interesting project. And so it begins. During the afternoon, it was with enthousiasm that we found our group’s name : Drops N’ Roses. After we registered to rose website, bitbucket to have our git repository, asana to organize ourselves, …, we have made a brainstorming.

We looked for existing projects on the web (Pirate box, Waded, and other wireless dead drops, …) and pinpointed the differences with our project, asked ourselves of what we want to do, which problems we would be confronted to. We tried to describe an overview of our project, its main features, the questions we could not yet answer, and some use cases which would help us to specify our project.

I think I am a little wandering, but it is because it is our first steps, and I am filled with emotion.


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