First day for LEDzep

Choosing the group and the project was as I expected a tough part of my first day of ROSE. I have been successively interested in the Dead drops project, the Indoor Localization one, and the illuminated balloon project.

In the end, I’m quite happy with my project and my team (FYI Nicolas, Félix and Daniel). The topic is wide enough for us to show some really interesting creativity and innovation.

The afternoon was devoted to a huge brainstorming about the description, the limits and technical difficulties of the project. We agreed on the core aufblasbarer park kaufen ideas of the project : it’s about making a flying balloon, and even a small swarm of them. They will be able to stay at a stable position, to move, getting their order from a ground controller, and to be illuminated, using one or a bunch of high luminescence LED.

We then isolated and discussed a few technical problems :

  • The weight : a 30cm radius helium balloon will get a bit more than 100g of equipment in the air
  • The communication : due to the star shaped network of BLE, why not using a middleman balloon, the “mothership”, maybe a bit bigger, discussing with the ground operator, and sending orders to his flying “minions”
  • The balloon localization : how to get the absolute/relative position/orientation of each balloon ?
  • The battery : we need something light and efficient, why not a LIPO type one ?
  • The mobility : 3 axes require 3 motors. But fixed ones, or servo-controlled one ?
  • The materials : what do we use for the balloon ? how do we fill it with helium ? how do we put LED inside it

A lot of things to discuss, but a lot of enthousiasm

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