Day 2: Drops use cases and Bluetooth Low Energy

This was quite an interesting day, with lots of discussions!

With Matthieu and Adèle we discussed again possible use cases for our drops. We chose four of them (guided tours and hiking, rescuing after natural disasters, underground and cave exploration, games like geocaching or pseudospies) and this time specified them more precisely, for advertising behaviour, message timeout and anonymity requirements. We designed a first version of a protocol for gathering and updating a list of all the people (= all the smartphones) present in the network, with their last known position (useful to search for lost people), and discussed the necessity of an embedded clock in the drops. In the current state of our project, they should include a clock, which cannot be more than 1 minute early nor late; otherwise the last known positions could be corrupted. Then each one of us chose a use case to study for next time: I was assigned underground exploration!

Afterwards, I took some time to prepare my oral presentation on Bluetooth Low Energy with Virgile. Thanks to Alexis, we got a clear documentation on BLE, which we spent part of the afternoon reading. We also decided the general content that we wanted to include in our presentation. I must now go on with my reading…

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