BLE range tests + Drops N’ Roses state of project

Hey !

Today, I have used a small device working as a BLE slave, in communication with Lau’s smartphone in order to make range tests.
Its use is really simple : Lau can see on the smartphone the device if it is reachable and the emission power. By clicking on a button, her smartphone connects to the device.
I think it is useful for everyone working for ROSE 2014 to know the results :
First of all, the power is not accurate enough to allow an exact (or even approximate) localisation of the device.Concerning BLE range, it is able to go through a thin wall without any problem, and even through a thick wall even if in this case, the connection is quite limited.
Moreover, we can be at twenty meter and still be connected.
Good news for us : it should work in any environment (including catacombs).

Concerning our project, we begin to ask ourselves about material devices that we will use : Matthieu should tell you more about that.
We also define Drops N’ Roses as multi-purpose autonomous located wireless message storage devices.The figure shows you basic features of drops.

Drops will be on communication with users’s smartphones by BLE. We could think of many applications for different use cases : games such as treasure hunt : each drop is a stage of the hunt ; tour guides ; …

More information in the next post !


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