Day 3: lots of discussions, and some field experience

Today was quite strange: we haven’t had much time for working on our project, but we progressed a lot nevertheless. At least, I now have a much clearer idea of the work to do and how to tackle it.

Apart from reading some more documentation about BLE, I discussed software architecture issue with Matthieu and Adèle. I disagreed with Matthieu on the model on the boxes’ design, because the default drop message set by an admin was much more important in my eyes than in his. Actually, we were still disagreeing on the core purpose of the drops! But we finally found a compromise satisfying the both of us, and solved the problem. Now I have completely specified the underground use case. In addition, doing experiments with a small BLE device with Adèle showed me that BLE range was big enough. It was really a good surprise.

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