PLUME – Putting things into equations

Yesterday I started putting things into equations. I haven’t studied Electromagnetism for a long time, but the formulas came back in mind quite easily (with the help of internet of course! ).

To put the problem into equations I had to use some approximations that may be corrected in the future, but after filling two pages of formulas and various sketches, I found the equations to use to calculate the position of a system being able to sense the magnetic field produced by a fixed emitter composed of three orthogonal coils.

I also read several documents about this type of localization technology, they confirmed some of the approximations I chose to make.

Today, I will try to find a way to calculate the orientation using this mathematical model. And continue to put everything I have written on my draft to a Latex file.

We may quickly need to test these formulas in a real situation to check if the approximations are correct or not.



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