PLUME & ARM “Silver” member

I might repeat what the other previously said, but the time has finally come ! We have revealed the name we kept secret for such a long time! PLUME stands for Positioning and Localization Using Magnetic Emitters.

During a long meeting with the rest of the team we started to plan the roadmap of this project. We also talked about some technical points of the project and shared some implementations ideas. Last but not least, we spent some time finding a name for our project getting ready to disclose the secret name of our project.

Apart from this, I have studied the various debugging methods for ARM architectures, to prepare the presentation I will make on Friday with Gleison. To have more information on the CMSIS-DAP solution, I needed to register on ARM website, hence I am now an ARM Silver member! (That just means that I have access to the documentation, but still, that is quite a fancy name ;-)) Anyway, thanks to this I have been able to discover this debugging technology, I will dive deeper into the documentation tomorrow to give you a great overview of it and of how to use it on Friday.

More information next time !

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