PLUME – Work in progress + reDiscovering MEMS


After a long meeting this afternoon, where we exchanged our new ideas and discoveries about our project I continued to work on the physics principles involves in our systems reviewing my old physics courses.

Yesterday, I got back a Razer Hydra from an old Rose student who was working on it. So, I was able to compare the printed circuit on the board to some plans made by this student or find on the Internet. This work helps us to understand how to process the signal output of the receiver coils. In fact, even if the the physics involves in the project is hard, establish a signal processing board is also difficult. So, I’m investigating..

Moreover, whereas some of us are also working on the PCB of the Razer Hydra, we decided to create a prototype to study and verify the feasibility of the system. To make it simple, we need a generator, an oscilloscope and some coils to study the current establish by induction according to the magnetic field that we create. So, this is why I’m currently working on a 3D model support of coils on solidwork, that we will print in 3D with a Makerbot Replicator that we have in our Robotic student association.

Finally, I have a presentation, with Noémie, to make on MEMS for Thursday. I’m very exited to present these things to my fellow. Indeed, explains MEMS involve some physics and remind me some technicals aspects of my intership at the IEF. I am also working on this presentation to make it the most constructive and pleasant to others.

To be continued…

Guénolé Lallement


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