PLUME – Make a prototype


Today, I worked on a prototype of coil for the main emitters. I tried to make a complex object, however, Marco remind me that it is not necessary for a first prototype. We will add some fun, like LED to the project after. So, I made something very very simple. Now, I need to find the specifications, especially the section, of the copper wire that we will use and create the coil with 3D printing.


Moreover, I continued to work on my presentation of M.E.M.S with Noémie. We hope that it will be alright tomorrow…

Guénolé Lallement


2 comments to PLUME – Make a prototype

  • Hi,
    I don’t know if you opened the STEM coils but I got a chance to chat a with the inventor and apparently they are concentric (

    I’m not sure how much accuracy/range you target but apparently it there is an offset in this concentric disposition, it affects the measures and makes it quite complicated to use.

    Feel free to ask them anything, they are really accessible, and it might open communication about a cool internship/job in the silicon valley 😉
    Good luck !

    • Guénolé

      Thanks you again for your comment, we will contact the STEM team as soon as possible. We have already discuss about the fact that coils should be concentric but more advice could be only beneficial. 🙂