RoseOnRails – command the locomotive

Today I started thinking about how we should control the motor of the locomotive. I looked up for the model used and found the specifications of the motor (12V DC, speed, etc.). Also, I found the datasheet of the DCC decoder since it is the “brain” of the locomotive (but we’re going to replace it a with a brand-new BLE-driven brain 😉 ), and tried to recognize the components to figure out how it controlled the motor.

According to what I read here and there on the internet and thanks to this very helpful document, I think we should use PWM+H-bridge to command the motor (in both directions and at variable speed).

I then looked for an appropriate H-bridge component we could use, but since there are many of them, I rather tried to find out the one that was already used on the DCC decoder… Finally, I figured out that it would be better for us to determine the H-brdige component ourselves since we might find something newer and better adapted to our case.

What is important to choose for the locomotive’s PCB so far is: what H-bridge (what component?), and what regulator (to convert 15V (alimenation from the rails) to 12V (for the motor)).

Then I worked to finish my presentation on Bluetooth v2.1 for tomorrow.


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