May the Git be with you

Hello World!

Today was an intense day! This morning, we heard some great presentations, and some of them have already helped me (ARM debugging). And this afternoon, Benjamin and I gave a presentation which turned out to be a 80 minutes course about Git. Definitely, the Force was strong with us today! I really enjoyed to give this presentation, not only because it involved a lot of Jedi and other Star Wars references, but mainly because I felt my fellow classmates extremely interested in the topic (and they were right, Git will be our greatest friend for the next two months!!). So thanks everyone for all your questions, it was a real pleasure to help you!

After that, I started the lab on the STM32 board. The first task was to configure the JTAG pins on the ARM processor. It may sound easy, but it was actually a real headache. Fortunately, by working all together and with a few hints from Sam, I managed to get a working configuration. Next time, I will light up a LED!

This week end, we have a lot to do for our project. Fortunately, the use cases are quite clear in our minds, as well as the global architecture. So we need to define our precise objectives, make the schedule, and prepare the slides for Monday presentation. No time to rest!

May the force be with you!

P.S. : the slides from the Git presentation are coming! Just need to fix a few things and we publish them.

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