Day 5 : A special gift

Hey !

This morning, I learnt a lot about BLE which is so important for our project. I am a bit concerned about how we will deal with the fact we have to only attributes to communicate, but I have no doubt we will find a solution. Thanks to the other groups, I also better understood other protocol of communication and git good practices. So, thank you, coworkers !

Then, this afternoon, I got a really special gift : an STM32 board. I was really impatient to use it. The first step has been harder than I thought, and I have spend more time than expected in order to configure the pins with a board of ChibiOS in order to allow JTAG debugging. But I was glad to succeed.

This week-end, I will have a lot to do, in order to prepare the presentation of Drops N’ Roses. I hope I will have some more time to make a led blink… 🙂

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