LEDzep – Finishing the PSSCs and some tests


Today was quite exhausting, as the first sunday of ROSE I expected to manage to get some spare time to work on other projects (French Robotics Cup), unfortunately I eventually ended up working from the moment I woke up until 22h30 on LEDzep.

We worked on the PSSC, which really helped us to plan the rest of the project, if we manage to keep this planning I think we will be able to have an awesome project :D. We also trained for the presentation and were rather happy with our results.

We also tested some LEDs with Thomas in order to see how much they would lighten a regular balloon (like the ones in this video), and it made us rather optimistic (the LEDs weren’t specially bright), as you can see in the video:

Tomorrow’s next steps : amaze the public with our great presentation and working on the STM32 homeworks !


Félix Raimundo


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