RoseOnRails – Crazy game ideas !

Hi everyone!

As Gleison mentioned in his post, on Friday we decided that our project would be a multiplayer game in which every train and the railway switches would be controlled by a player through a smartphone, a tablet or  a pc.

A few hours ago, I ran into allegrem and we discussed a bit about this game. After an intense brainstorming session, we came up with several ideas for RoseOnRails: The ideas we had were based on the fact that each user would control a train, and see the state of the railway on his smartphone and that we’d put virtual (or not) “coins” on the rails which each player would be able to see on their screen. With this system, we ‘d be able to implement games such as Pacman, Snake, multiplayer snake, Mario Kart (Mario Train in this case), simplified versions of Railroad Tycoon, etc.

When I submitted those ideas to the team, we discussed more about those games and especially their feasibility. Finally we decided that we would  put LEDs on/near to the railway to represent the “coins” or “tokens” in our game and that every player would control their train in order to gain more “coins”. Each player would be able to see the state of the railway on their device and only the one with the largest amount of “coins” would be able to control the railway switches. If we manage to implement such a game, we reckoned it wouldn’t be too hard to transform it in  a Snake or a Pacman game afterwards.

Today, Valeh, Gleison, Yann and I also discussed a lot about the BLE modes in our system (Valeh did a scheme! I think you’ll be able to see it soon!), the steps of our project and we are currently working on the PSSC.

I also finally found the magnetic sensors under the railway which were used to detect the position of the locomotives in the SaMoRa Project. Tomorrow, if I find a mutlimeter, I’ll try to figure out how those work and see if we can put such magnetic sensors underneath the locomotives.


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