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Today, I first took the time to fully discover my STM32 board that I received yesterday to do my lab session work on (since yesterday we had a group meeting that prevented me to do this). I spent a lot of time reading different parts of the 1710 page STM32 Reference Manual and get to know the board and its chraracteristics a bit more. I dealt quite a long time with the alternate functions to correctly configure my board to select JTAG instead of the LCD, though there still seems to be a bug preventing my program to run correctly and my led to blink. To be continued…

Then I started thinking about our presentation for Monday. Each of us has been assigned tasks to gather information about a specific part of the project. Tomorrow, we will meet and gather all of the infos. So, I am in charge of defining how to control the motor (which I have already started thinking about) and to define the BLE communication modes in our application(s). So, I read and read and re-read first the slides of yesterday presentation, and then more “technical” documents about BLE, and the great confusion distinction between profiles, services, characteristics, attributes, descriptors, and so on. However, I think it’s a bit clearer in my mind now after having read different things here and there and seen an example..

I defined the communication modes betweent the different entities in our system (train, central station, switches, etc.) I still need to think about how we should implement the application on the GAP and GATT layers, how to define custom services (or use existing ones?…), manage the UUIDs, etc.

Apart from this individual work today, there was also a mini-brainstorming session in our team based on the idea of a game that we had talked about on Friday. We discussed about how to make the game yet more exciting. In the end, we agreed on a some new rules. See Noémie’s post for more detail.


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