RoseOnRails – PSSC preparation

Hi everyone!

Friday night, I’ve made a first draft of our PSSC. In order to have a global view of our project taking into some deadline and judging if you can add some creative ideas Noemie talks about in her post. From this point, we’ve decided to share the research work in the aim to be able to give more details in our Monday’s presentation.

Yesterday, I’ve read through the manual of the lab work in order to get the JTAG working. Then, I’ve looked for another technology in order to enable the train to detect his position (RFID have been unrecommanded in our last post). I realized that it could be easier to let the sensors detect the position because there are many technologies enabling to detect moving close object such as :

– Inductive proximity sensor, which detect the object by its effects on a magnetic field emitted by the sensor,

– Capacitive proximity sensor, which detect the object by its effects on an electric field emitted by the sensor,

– Photoelectric proximity switch, which detect the object by its effects on a beam of optical radiation,

– Ultrasonic proximity sensor, which detect the objetc  by effects on an ultrasonic wave emitted by the sensor.

This gives us a broad panel of choices and in our actual configuration, the train is just transmitting his owm position to the station. The sensors would perform the same task via BLE. And if for any reason, the train need his position the station could transmit him back. Moreover, I guess some of these technologies could also be used to measure the acceleration of the train.

I’ve also looked for the materials we could use in our station and how to build it by looking through the documentation of previous groups SaMoRa and TSV.

Finally, I looked in the documentation on BLE put at our disposal by Alexis, in order to enable our group to have a second point of view on this, Valeh is already looking through it (cf her post). This way, I hope, it’ll enable our groupe to have a better comprehension of the use of the stack BLE and we could give more details on the profiles, services, attributs,… we’re considering to use.




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