Team reunion and new Companion board


Yesterday, I had my oral presentation of the about 6LoWPAN, Embedded TCP/IP and CoAP, unfortunately it didn’t go as planned as I was extremely tired that morning, hopefully the slides were clear so my fellow students will still be able to get information through them.

After the presentations, i received my very own board, an Olimex STM32 P407 which has quite an impressive amount of peripherals ! The on board LCD used pins from thee JTAG interface, so we had to reconfigure the functions and resistors of a few pins in order to use the JTAG interface. It took me a while, as i forgot that pin numbers started from 0 (and not 1), so when i configured my pin functions, all the pin number were shifted by one, unfortunately it took me a while to realize my mistake.

Today, we met with the team in order to get ready for Monday’s presentation, we managed to define the main use cases and features. We also drafted the PSSC, which are a set of Project Specific Success Criteria. It helped us to have a better understanding of where the project was going.

During the meeting I had an idea of feature that i found interesting (but was unfortunately the only one) which is to leave all the unused pins accessible in order to allow any one to plug in his own captors or effectors and do hacks with our project. Do you think that it is an idea worth spending time on it or an unnecessary feature ?

I also managed to light LEDs on the board, next step : chase effects 😉

Félix Raimundo


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