Work during the weekend

Hello everyone,

So my task this weekend was to conceive how we could control the railroad switches with our micro-controller. So I removed a switch from our scale model and disassembled the system used to commutate the switch. Unfortunately, the datasheet from the turnout mechanism was only designed for operation with DCC decoders. Finally, I came across a DIY website which had controlled the same mechanism. They did not give much details about their board, but at least explained how to drive the device. So I picked up a DC Power Supply and tried to replicate the results. Yeah, it worked.

After a long research about how to drive coils with transistors, I realized the following schematics:

I will still simulate the voltage spike when the transistor switches on, to decide weather or not place a Zener diode in parallel with the coil.


Gleison Gonçalves Toledo Storto


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