RoseOnRails – presentation, presentation, presentation

Hi all.

First weekend of ROSE, a real ROSE-weekend, lots of work, but also lots of doubts cleared away and a whole lot of structuring and organization.

Well, today, I basically just worked on the presentation (and a bit on the STM32 lab session..). We defined the PSSC (Project-Specific Success Criteria)  for our project, consisting in a precise definition of the tasks to do, when to achieve them, and who is responsible for them. We also clearly defined our project (a new game 😉 !) and what functionalities it is suppsed to provide, as well as the technical difficulties we might be faced during the project. We also re-discussed a whole lot about BLE and how we were going to define the  BLE-based architecture of our network.

Well, I’m probably not going to list all we did today, I’m not sure if there’s enough place for it here! But basically we structured up everything and prepared for tomorrow’s presentation which I’m sure will be amazing 🙂


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