Day 9: community managing

After a very busy week-end working on the PSSCs and Monday’s presentation with Matthieu and Adèle, I had not much time for Drops N’ Roses.

But today, I began acting as a community manager for our group! I put some content on our hackster page and changed our team name for something more appropriate (I was amazed to see that Matthieu had not changed this awful ‘blyste_and_lau’ team name yet!). Be careful, the address has changed, so don’t use your old bookmark if you had one, follow the link on the ROSE 2014 group instead.

I also began working on a wiki page for a community of underground explorers. They were very enthusiastic with our project and they can’t wait testing our devices! I hope they won’t be disappointed…

Besides, this afternoon, I finally began progressing on my lab on STM32. Now the JTAG is working, hurray! I expect a lot of fun with my new STM32 best friend now.

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