Drops N’ Roses and STM32

Hey !

Since last week-end, you should have heard good things about Drops N’ Roses. If it is not the case, I recommend Matthieu’s post to you, related to our first oral presentation about our wireless dead drops project.
According to our schedule, this week, we have to choose the components which will arrange our drops. I am also really impatient to discover PCB, tomorrow, in order to make our own for the drops !

In addition, I have worked on STM32 board, and I am now able to control the intensity of my leds with PWM : I have now a chaser of leds not only blinking but whose intensity is chosen. But there are still a lot to do. This afternoon, I read a lot of documentation about ChiBiOS events, interrupt handlers, threads management, … in order to raise an interrupt when I will push a button and prevent debouncing. I shall continue later on, or tomorrow.

Good evening !

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