LEDzep – Monday’s presentation, STM32 and LEDs


This morning we presented our PSSCs, and were rather happy to see that only one of them was over optimistic (the localisation of the balloons), so we will have to pick our brains more on it, because if we choose to keep it it will imply a huge amount of work on this and dire consequences if we fail, so we will have to find if this is really required for our application. Indeed, Alexis presented a solution in which the balloons only stay next to each other (and maybe a mothership), in this case we would simply give orders to the swarm, explaining where it would go.
In any case we will have to dig deeper in our view of the project.

In the afternoon I worked on the ChibiOS/RT lab works, spend some time reading my old notes on the subject and rediscovered ChibiOS/RT’s documentation.

I also tried to light a balloon with a ROSEace LED (very bright, but also very directive), this le(a)d me to think that we will face a lot of troubles if we intend to use them by day, I later tried to use less directive LEDs but it was a huge fail as I tried to put a lot of them inside the balloon and was thus unable to inflate it (wires going out of the balloon tended not to be hermetic). I later ordered a few Kingstone LEDs in order to find the proper light intensity that we need (intensity is written in the datasheet, but i have no idea of what mcd really mean in terms of light), and chose to buy a good range (from 17mcd to 700mcd) in order to properly chose the ones we will use.

Félix Raimundo


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