Plume – Let’s prototype

Hi all,

I have started with Guénolé our first task : build an electrical prototype of the Plume.
First, we have selected the wire for the coils of the emitter. We plan to use a copper wire with a section of 0.08 mm².
I have estimated that at 5 meters we will have a magnetic field of 10^-10 T and a tension of 100 μV at the receiver coil.

Then we have studied the STEM System by Sixense. They leak some information about the product.
They use the same technology, a concentric 3-coil design.
They have a DSP that handles the processing of motion tracking position and orientation.
The device generates pulsed AC signals at frequencies of 30 kHz and it can works at 10^-7 T.
And the best for the end.

Now we are working on the receiver circuit. We have to amplifier and filter the signal.


2 comments to Plume – Let’s prototype

  • Cool!
    Do you know how they avoid time multiplexing in the STEM?
    Would different frequencies work as it’s 3 times the same coil? (Tx/Rx)
    Nice video, thanks for sharing!

  • oliviert

    Yes, the video suggests that they are using frequency multiplexing in the STEM.
    It seams that they manage to make it works. In this case we have to be careful with the mutual induction of the coils.