PLUME – Software Prototype


Today I wrote Octave functions to compute the magnetic field using the magnetic dipole model. Then I wrote a solving function which computes the position with the values of the three magnetic fields. I did some computer tests (choose a position, compute the fields, get the position with the fields) and it seems to work.
Now we have to test it with values measured on the test bench.

I also made calculations with Marc-O on the circular spire model (we will need it if the dipole model is not precise enough). We computed the taylor series of the inexpressible functions (see my previous log entry) and computed a majoration of their respective errors. We also made research on a method to find the change of basis matrix of the receptor. The calculation is trivial if we want to get only a change of basis matrix, but if we want an orthogonal matrix it is more complicated. We found an article about it ( and we need to study it.



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