RoseOnRails – looking for BEMF and PID


Today, I worked a lot on my STM32 board. I implemented a program to catch the hardware interrupt “button pressed” and a(fter handling debouncing) signal an event to launch a thread in charge of toggling LEDs. Put this way, it might seem easy, but in fact, it took me almost the entire morning! However, I’m glad I learnt so many things about interruptions, semaphores (review), ChibiOS events, and so on.

Then I worked on our project: I read different articles and bits of tutorials about what BEMF is and why (and how) it can be used to control speed in a motor. Then since BEMF is often (always?) used along with PID controllers, I read things about the latter as well and asked some clarifications from some of the ROSE students who are part of the Robotics Club. According to them, it’s supposed to be “easy” to implement in software, but I still need to give it a try myself. I then looked for components for our H-bridge (that we will implement with transistors and not with a “packaged” component). This part is pretty tough and I need to continue working on it tomorrow (and probably also the day(s) after..!).


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