BEMF, amplifier, H bridge, ADC and so on..

Hi all.

Tiring day, very tiring indeed! This morning: ADC, ADC, ADC. I re-read the datasheet of our STM32 board and saw some examples of code. Then I implemented my own code which… doesn’t fully work yet… but it sure will very soon 🙂

The rest of the day up until now, Gleison and I spent time thinking about the 12V DC motor in our locomotive. The more we thought and the more we raised questions and potential problems. Fortunately, we managed to find solutions to almost all of the questions we encountered. I’m not positng them here since we’re not fully sure yet. I’ll work on it again tomorrow and put some order in all we did today. We’d also like to discuss this with Alexis and Sam before going too far!

That’s about it for today!


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