LEDzep – Day 12 (and before)

I mostly worked on the stm32 lab works at the beginning of the week (where i discovered ChibiOS/RT events, its EXTI and ADC drivers), this allowed me get a better understanding of ChibiOS/RT and the technical challenges we will have to face, or at least implement. It also helped me to get more motivated about ROSE, as it was something I was (relatively) good at, and i didn’t know where to go with the project.

Fortunately we recentered the project Thursday and got a far better vision of where we are heading !

We chose to get rid of the localisation part of the project, as it was far to constraining and diverted us from the core of our subject, and chose to focus more on its artistic part. Our main application will thus be having them float and dance on music in indoor or outdoor. I think it is a great idea and hope that we will be able to get close to the  idea of urban prototyping (I discovered this movement in drix hackster page and was rather fond of it).

For my part I started working on the FreeImu module with Nicolas in order to obtain the balloon’s altitude, we are currently having issues on how to communicate with the module (Nevertheless we managed to use ChibiOS/RT’s I²C driver), but I hope that we will be able to get good results at the end of the Week End, but a more realistic estimation would be for Wednesday.

I also had my first PCB class and even though I had a few troubles handling the software at first, it eventually seduced me and made me rather eager to design the project’s PCB (as everyone else in the group).

Félix Raimundo


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