LEDzep – Work in progress

Existential crisis of the project

We are dropping the indoor localization part of the projet (too complex, and we can do something great without it). So the balloons won’t be able to know hüpfburg kinder kaufen where they are, so no autonomous choregraphy where we have a live feedback of what the blimps are doing. But it doesn’t stop us from doing an autonomous choregraphy mode, where the LEDs are controlled but the mouvement are random.

We now focus on an interactive sound and light balloon show, so it seems like a bigger part of the project will be high level software developpment.

What’s the state of things ? The FreeIMU system is being studied, as well as BLE and/or IR technology. We have motors and LEDS. The propellers are on their way.

We now have a second version for our PSSCs.

I enjoyed the PCB software class, and can’t wait to have to do it for the LEDzep PCB.

Meanwhile, I’m still designing a first draft of the blimp structure so we can print it and do some propulsion test as soon as we get the helium.

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