Panic on board

So, today was an epic fail.

I try to work on the trimmer (potentiometer on my STM32 board). After considering datasheet a long time, and trying to implement how it works, there were still some parameters I did not understand. That is why I thought it would be appropriate to see an example, and so I decided to flash a ChibiOs ADC example on my board. That is how I lost my JTAG probe and my STM32…
I did not understand what had happened.

I lost several hours trying to reconnect my STM32. Now, that is done, and I understand that I lost hours for… nothing, because it was obvious since the very moment I lost my JTAG probe that it was because the ChibiOs board used in the ADC example do not allow JTAG use, and so, I have to reboot my board with the right configuration.
It is just…. I had forgotten one step : I had to keep two buttons pushed while I reload openocd and gdb.

Just Two buttons pushed. I am not very proud of myself, just now.I think I will keep on working on my STM32 tomorrow. I need some rest.

5 comments to Panic on board

  • This is the exact opposite of an epic fail.
    You’ll get to fight with many other funny voodoo problems and this one taught you a lot, congrats!
    Keep hackin’

    PS: you probably meant JTAG probe, not “sond” ;p

  • Blyste

    Thank you very much for your support.
    I also think it is just the beginning. 🙂

    PS : It was indeed JTAG probe.

  • Next question is : why did you had to push these two buttons ? (hint : you didn’t have to… 🙂 )

  • Blyste

    I had to push these two buttons because I have not put jumpers to boot on ROM or on emergency boot.
    Otherwise, I only had to push RESET button. But the problem was… I forgot to push the buttons. And so, I do not reboot (even when I moved the jumpers)

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