Next step for Drops N’ Roses : PCB !


In contemplation of the PCB we’ll have to make next week, I decide to prepare all components we will need on PCB Expedition. I have to choose the package for our main components, but it is quite difficult because I do not know what constraints we have neither where we will weld our components on our PCB. I just know that UBGA (Ultra-thin Ball Grid Array) is not the easiest way, and so we have to avoid it. That is why I choose :
– for our processor : nRF51822-QFAA.
– for our memory AT45DB321E : I can’t choose between 8S2 (8-lead, Plastic Gull Wing Small Outline), 8MA1 (8-pad (5 x 6 x 0.6mm body) Thermally Enhanced Plastic Ultra Thin Dual Flat No-lead) and 8MW1 (8-contact, 6 x 8mm, Very Thin Dual Flat No Lead Package).

Then, I check with Matthieu that some other components (LED, resistors, …) were on PCB Expedition, and if not, I create an issue on bitbucket to signal it to Alexis. He will then prepare for us the components on that software.

At last, I discuss with Matthieu and Lauriane about BLE Architecture. But Lauriane will sum up this for you.

That is all for our project. I remind you that you can follow our progress here.


About STM32 lab, I helped other students debuging their program. But I did not change my own program.
Later on !

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