LEDzep – descovering the ble


I worked on the ble card. With the help of Benjamin, I used a special Makefile that makes easier to flash the dongle and the card. I tried it on a demo which remote control le card leds. This first test seems to use a radio and note a ble protocol to communicate. But the frequency used should be the same. So we tested the characteristics of this communication.

The signal seems to be very good the 5/6 first meters. But then he repetedly go down each 3/4 meters. the card should understand that we move away and increases the power. The signal is lost, or at least unusable when we reach 30 meters. The orientation of the card does not seem to have any impact on communication. Barriers either.

Now we need to implement our algorithm that will command our zeppelins, but we already know how to flash simply the transmitter and receiver.

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