LEDZep – Motors, battery, ESCs …

Today, we decided to finalize our choice of motors, ESC (component used to drive brushless motors) and batteries and that’s what we did with Nicolas !

We managed to chose all the component in a rather short time (~3 hours), but then got stuck on the prop saver (the little piece used to link the propeller to the shaft of the motor), as the motor we chose had a rather uncommon shaft width (1.5mm). Indeed, we looked over most of the suppliers in Europe and we couldn’t find one who had more than 5 of these (we would need a lot more if we chosed to keep this motor), eventually we chose to keep this motor and hope that Alexis and Sam would accept to buy the prop saver in the US (where they aren’t that uncommon). Fortunately the other components (batteries and ESCs) were much more easy to chose !
So we now have ordered all we need to start testing on a real balloon.

I also did a few calculations, which showed that our motors would be powerful enough to stand winds up to 5-7km/h, which is a rather good news since it means that we will be able to expose our balloons in the street if the wind isn’t very strong (for example, today it was about 2km/h in Paris).

Later as I discussed with a former ROSE student (@loikled), he asked me why we didn’t have any buzzer in our plans, and I have to admit that it was a damn good question ! Thanks to his comment we will most likely include one, as they are rather light it wouldn’t cause a lot of trouble and could be a huge plus for interactivity 😀

Eventually we planned how to spend our time for the next few days, Nicolas and I will continue to work on the FreeImu, Daniel on the BLE, and Thomas will improve his design of the support and look into proximity sensors (capacitive one sounds promising).

That’s it for today !

Félix Raimundo


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