RoseOnRails – LED’s go

Hi everyone !

After giving a rather precise definition of our project, we’re going to start concrete very soon. Because we’re going to order our first meter of LED strip for the beginning of the next week, in order to make some test which will include : the incorporation of the strip under the rail, the control of each LEDs of the strip and even try to modulate the light in order to evaluate if we can detect the train position thank to the LEDs. Even if for this last point, others constraints have to be taken into account such as the reflection of the light on the rails or on the train’s wheels .

Noemie is going to detailed in her post the kind of LEDs (WS2812) we’re going to use she has found some explanations on it, which enables to confirm that the model of Strip LEDs I’d found on AliExpress website is almost equivalent to the model on Adafruit website.

I’ve also made some research about the detection by Hall effect, this website explains that we can measure with a Hall effect sensor a tension proportional to the electric current we put through our coils. I’ve found Hall effect sensor we could put under our train. But I still have to find the kind of (little) coils we’re going to use to generate a modulated magnetic field.

The use of the potentiometer is now implemented on my lab work. I started to implement the serial port over USB but I need to find some tests in order to be sure it’s working properly.

I’ve also tried to install the tool-chain in order to use the BLE evaluation kit we’ve received on Friday. I follow the procedure of the manual user guide but I’ve some troubles with Keil and JLink. I recommend the other to look into the link Benjamin has posted yesterday first.

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