First step with BLE kit

Hey !

Yesterday, and even the day before, I have worked on my STM32 lab. I am now able to control the trimmer potentiometer. After the incident (Saturday afternoon and evening), it has been a relief to notice that the work that I had done was nearly complete. I have still to work on the UART.

Yersterday afternoon, Matthieu and me also worked on the BLE kit we received this week-end. We flashed the same example as Benjamin did. And it worked. But it was not BLE communication, so we continued.
We wanted to flash ble_app_proximity profile, but there was not any Makefile. So we wrote it. However, when at last, the program compiled, I had not enough time to check its behaviour (and Matthieu told me… nothing was happening).

I wanted to continue this morning, but I can’t access to Matthieu’s session. And the Makefile is really unpleasant to write. So I decided to begin PCB. But the components were not ready on the libraries of PCB Expedition. Hope it would be accessible this afternoon.


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