RoseOnRails and STM32

Hi everyone!

Monday, Noémie and I worked on our LEDs and on the magnetic we could us to detect the position. Some things to remember from this day. We order 30m of  LED strip which represent 900 LEDs ! We’ll receive these strips by 7 days. Concerning the Hall effect, we’ve learnt there are two kinds of sensor : one which detect a tension proportional to the amount of current we put through our coil and the other is kind of binary which detect when a threshold is reached. We’re going to use this last type in our train to identify above which coils is our train by modulating the current we’ll transmit binary identifiers.

Concerning my lab work I’d almost finished the serial port over usb on Monday and confirmed it was working properly by doing some tests with the shell implemented through the serial port. I’ve also had the possibility to turn on and off the buzzer through the shell.

Currently, I’m trying to implement the possibility to make a TCP to a web server on my board. I’m also looking through some documentation in order to take part in the conception of my group’s PCBs.

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