RoseOnRails – PCBs


Today was mainly lab session work on the STM32 board. I finally understood the concept of Chibi shell!! I even added some “personnalized” commands to expand the shell 🙂 Funny!

Then it was the “beep” step: run the buzzer of the STM32. It was rather straight forward now that we have well understood the concept of PWM, duty cycle, and so on.

After that, I started to think about how to use lwIP to carry out an HTTP request through the web. Though I haven’t had enough time to go too far in it yet…

This morning I also “played” with my BLE Evaluation Kit. I managed to flash some example programs and test them.

Tonight, Gleison and I started the conception of the PCB of the locomotive. But as Blyste mentioned, we’re still missign a lot of things. So, we rather started by creating issues on Bitbucket, mentioning the components we need for our circuit… impatient to have them and start this famous PCB conception at last 😉 !!!


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