LEDzep – So it begins

We will pretty soon have everything we need to experiment in real conditions. We received the helium today (thx to Alexis and Sam), and we had some fun this evening, inflating a balloon and putting together in a hurry motor, battery, led and propeller to get something real.

First thing, a quasi perfect buoyancy is something which is really hard to get. That was not a surprise for us, but still, we’ll have to find an simple solution to easily get as close as possible to a quasi perfect balance of the structure (small sticky weights for instance …)

Secondly, the motor we used (, though pretty heavy compared to what we can find, does its job, propelling the balloon slowly. We even boosted it up to 4.5V. The nice thing about the experiment is that the motor itself is not powerfull enough to make the whole balloon swing aroung and destabilize the entire thing, which was one of our fear. But on the other hand, the trajectory control will be a veeeeeeeery tricky part of the software development.

The LEDs suffered from a little technical problem, but we’ll show you next time.


Here is the few motor tests we did the other day

Motor test #1   motor test #2   motor test #3


And here is the fun part of this evening

2014-03-12 22.37.56

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