Day 20: a nice morning

This morning… I slept!

For the first time in a few days, I had some time to rest, which I enjoyed a lot. Since my last post, I have worked a lot on my STM32 for the lab and the communication challenge. We went on until late yesterday (the door closed at 23:30…), but I did it! After exploring non-deterministic bugs, a lot of documentation, and with the help of my best friend Google, I finally reached the final step. There are so many reasons why I could hate myself yesterday (it’s amazing how many stupid mistakes one can make when working under pressure…), but overall it was a very good experience. I am quite proud of what we achieved (basically, audio streaming) and the whole principle of discovering our board features in an ouverture-facile manner was very fun. This challenge was really a platform game! So, thank you, everybody: Alexis and Sam for organizing it, the students for having suffered with me and the alumni for passing by and encouraging us (the cookies were delicious!).

Therefore, I allowed myself to take some rest as a reward. But as soon as the morning was over, I was back in A406! No rest for the brave. This afternoon, Matthieu and I worked again on establishing a first communication between the BLE kit and an Android phone. While he was working on the kit, I managed the Android part. We agreed to develop the apps in Scala (with the scaloid library), which is much more compact and flexible than Java. But first, I had to remember how to program in Scala! So I spent some time reading documentation on Scala, Android, Scaloid, installing Android SDK, Sbt, and so on. I have now a DropScanner app on my Nexus 4… which does nothing yet, except displaying a text and a button. But tomorrow I will try using the BLE API for scanning.

By the way, be careful if you plan on testing BLE apps with a Nexus 4, since before Android 4.4 it couldn’t unbound Bluetooth Smart devices. Of course, I had not upgraded my Android yet…

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