After the turmoils of Friday … preparing for next week’s PSSCs!

Hi everyone,

Over the past few days, I have worked and learnt a lot.

First off, I have had the occasion to learn a lot about my STM32, notably during Friday’s Challenge! I have spent more than 10hours with my beloved development board and have tried to make my way through the diverse url of the test with it. Friday has been a tough yet challenging day for my STM32 and I!

After this day of great turmoil, I have decided to focus on the BLE. I have thus had the pleasure of making acquaintance with my Nordic chips. I have started by flashing an example given by Nordic on both boards, but unfortunately, I have not yet managed to make it work since I cannot communicate properly with my dongle through minicom … on both my computer and the A406 machines …

Concerning RoseOnRails, Gleison, Valeh and I have split tasks for the week. As usual, I am going to tackle the issues regarding the LEDs stips. Since we won’t receive them for two to four more days, I am going to write a test for them on my STM32, so that I can play with them as soon as we they arrive! I also need to recover the Hall effect sensor from a former project and borrow some coils from PLUME to test the possibility of deriving the position of the locomotives with Hall effect sensors.

Noémie Bristol-Courgeon

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