This weekend, I mainly worked with my BLE kit, and on our project.
Yesterday, Gleison and I did some experiments to determine the power that our Zener diod (see this post for the schematic of the circuit) is supposed to support when the current suddenly drops tp 0 (giving rise to a voltage peak).

experiment-Zener peak power

Based on this, we chose a component meeting with our needs. While waiting for the componenets to be added by Alexis to the ExpeditionPCB library, Gleison will start off tomorrow with the components we already have and do the schematic for the PCB.
As Noémie mentioned in her post, we also decided on who would do what for the following PSSC. I am in charge of determining the software architecture of our Central Station. I haven’t yet had the time to fully think about it. I will do this tomorrow.
Apart form that, I have tackled a long time with my Nordic Evaluation Kit this weekend. I have already tried some example code to make the LEDs blink, and to make the board and the dongle communicate (using 2,4GHz radio signals). Then I tried to flash some example codes for BLE-based applications. To do this, I first had to download the  SoftDevice (the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack for Nordic chips) on my nrf51822. And this simple flashing of a binary file in the ROM took me almost the whole afternoon! The JLink just wouldn’t let me flash the code!! I tried anything I could, I looked for any possible error, asked the others if they had had the same problem, … finally, I found out the (stupid) reason why I couldn’t manage to flash the .bin with JLink on my chip: it was because my version of JLink was too recent!!! When I saw that my board did work fine with Benjamin’s (slightly older) version of JLink, I didn’t hesitate to install it on my PC, and then the applciation worked OK. I was too mad to have spent the whole afternoon for such an unexpected problem… but of course I’m happy now that everything is woring as it should. Tomorrow I will try to go further and write some small programs of my own.


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