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No one learned from your mistakes
We let our profit s go to waste
All that’s left in any case
Is Advertising space.

Hello World!

Since this week end, I have continued to work on the nRF51822. On Sunday, I tried to write my first program from scratch. My goal was to get a blinking led. But I added a little challenge: I had to use timers, so that I could start to dive into the nRF51822 documentation, and especially the API of the SoftDevice. Fortunately, the doc is well written, and it was quite easy to light a led, and then to use timers in order to make it blink.

On Monday, I took a little break. I didn’t advance on the nRF51822, but I helped some of the other students to flash their boards. I also tested with Lauriane her Android app, and good news: it was able to recognize my nRF51822 advertising (however it was the example program).

Yesterday, I decided my goal of the day would be to write from scratch a program able to advertise (no services for the moment). It was a little harder than the led, but I was able to find some inspiration in the advertising program, especially for the BLE parameters I had to setup and the order of initialization of all the modules. In the end, I had a working program and I tested it with Lauriane’s Android app: it showed a device name “Drop” (screenshot is coming)!! Now my next goal is to add a service (for example, showing the state of a button or of a led). I will start working on it today or tomorrow.

May the force be with you!

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