[LEDzep] It’s been a long time, how have you been ?

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It’s been about a week since my last post, but trust me it’s because I was extremely busy 😉

Before friday I did my best to finish the lab work, it sure wasn’t easy but thanks to Benjamin’s help I manage to do it.

Then came the bloody friday as Matthieu would say. It was intense. We were left almost alone to face some technical issues we had never seen before (using ChibiOS/RT queues [which are called Mailbox ….], learning how to define and use interruptions, how to enable functionnalities in the microcontroller …). In the end it was extremely tiring (i spent about 15 hours on this) but I learned a lot, so it wasn’t that bad.

Since then i have rested a while, worked on the freeIMU and traveled through Paris in order to get balloons, motors and propellers with Alexis.

The results of the pressure + temperature sensors are rather encouraging : about 2cm of standard deviation when left alone (which is very close to the quantification noise), and 4cm when i walked with it in the lab trying to keep it at the same height.
I also moved it vertically a few times (from my feet to a little over my head) and it gave a rather smooth result with a low-pass filter as you can see here (I still have to fix the zero, but the variations seem correct, since it gives a little less than 2m for about 1.9m of variations):




Later today, we thought again with the group about the structure of the balloon (where to put the motors, how many motors, how will we use them to move), it’s still subject to questioning but Thomas proposed some great idea.

We then worked on a servo and some LEDs with Alexis.


Félix Raimundo


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